Electronic Discovery Compliance

In today’s ever evolving computerized workplace, the management of information and its means of storage have become more complex.  Emails are timeless…but for all their benefits, emails are perceived to be informal.  Proof-reading and thoughtful reflection have been replaced by a quick click on the send button.  Once the email is sent however, there is no looking back. 

Email and automated claims notifications have replaced intercompany memoranda and phone calls.  As a result, the paper trail of communication has grown exponentially. 

The problem with “electronic data,” however, is that it is sometimes destroyed unintentionally or overwritten as part of normal business practices.  Unintentional or not, the responsibility for the information continues to exist.  While the cost to retain these records is high, the cost for not producing the records, inadvertently or not, is even higher.  Most frequently, courts award costs and attorneys’ fees as sanctions for “electronic data” violations.  The result: increased costs to you!

Donnelly & Associates, P.C. provides dedicated attorneys who can assist you in managing this electronic paper trail from best practices in document retention prior to litigation to document production during litigation in both the State and Federal court systems.  The rules differ from state-to-state, from court-to-court, and it is critical now, more than ever, to trust in attorneys who do not just “think” they know the rules, but who “do” know the rules.