Coverage Opinions

The attorneys at Donnelly & Associates, P.C. provide reliable opinions and analysis on a variety of insurance coverage matters.  Whether the matter arises from a homeowners, automobile, comprehensive general liability, employer’s liability, workers' compensation, umbrella or excess policy, the attorneys at Donnelly & Associates, P.C. stand ready to issue a coverage opinion.  The firm's attorneys have years of experience rendering opinions on the most complicated coverage matters including additional insured endorsements, indemnification and hold harmless agreements, and construction contract interpretation.

Deciding what is covered in any given claims situation can be difficult.  With extensive experience in the insurance industry, Donnelly & Associates, P.C. stands prepared to provide an unbiased opinion when coverage questions arise.  Each attorney has the training and experience to fully assess the policy at issue, the claim, and the applicable law to render a dependable assessment of your coverage obligation.